5 Reasons Why Students Need Paraphrasing

If writing is an art, then paraphrasing is the skill that makes it a masterpiece. Sadly, most of us, especially students, usually don’t have enough time to reword every word to perfection.

But we still need the right choice of words in our daily life, such as in assignments, projects, thesis, etc. Thus, the need for changing words arises.

Now, we will dive into the major 5 reasons why students need rephrasing and how it can help them to success to a great extent.

For powerful memory

The human mind is pretty forgetful. Our brains can take only so much load of memories before it starts editing and deleting to make space for new ones.

We write because we don’t want to forget. As a student, I always take notes in my classes because they help me to remember all the important things that the teachers say.

No matter how well we listen and understand, after a while, some things are bound to be slipped from the mind.

So we write.

The interesting thing is, most of the time, we don’t write the exact words of what we hear. Instead, we adapt our own style and use our own words and phrases while taking the notes.

The fact that we don’t just copy and paste the words we hear is because our subconscious mind knows that modifying the phrases gets our brain-wheels working, consequently, writing them in our own style helps us remember better.

And that is the divine power of paraphrasing, which makes it even better to remember the things that otherwise we may easily forget.

Paraphrasing in organized thinking

It’s very important for a person to identify what he is thinking and transform his thoughts into words. But sometimes the words that come to our minds may not be the right ones. It’s essential to rephrase the words to represent and express ourselves more clearly.

Students go through a lot of pressure due to their study, making it easier to get them distracted and scatter away.

But in order to focus on their studies, they must have to stay calm and collected.

Organized thinking helps us to stay clear-headed and more focused, and as a matter of course, helps us to make better decisions.

And paraphrasing helps us to put down our thoughts more expressively to reflect over them so we can take the right actions.

To reinforce arguments

Students take part in many debates. Debating is a game of wordplay; if you use the correct words in the appropriate context, the game becomes much easier for you.

So, you must know the right words to use to support your argument. Because, using precise, carefully chosen words strengthens the foundation of our reasons.

 Adapting the rephrasing technique you can support your point as well as enrich your vocabulary list since there are many synonym words you can learn from the tool.

Paraphrasing in boosting your confidence

When we express our words more clearly, we feel a sense of accomplishment, which is true not only for writing but also when we speak. Creating the notes in our own way also gives a sense of freedom in expressing our thoughts.

Practicing good writing gives you a sort of closure about your thoughts and helps you reflect on things. Therefore, you take better decisions. 

You can use the rewording method to practice and do better with your words.

Developing good communication skill

Writing helps to communicate in a better way. In writing, you can choose your words more carefully than you would’ve if you were just spewing them out from your mouth without thinking.

If you keep practicing the restatement technique, you will see a distinctive change when you communicate.

Smoothly written CV, E-mail, etc. can help you to a great length to make sure your point reaches home.

All things considered, the role of paraphrasing seems quite inevitable in a student’s life.

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