Factors Behind Content Devaluation and How to Prevent them

30 January 2023

By rewriteradmin

Content Writing

If your website got demoted in the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) or you are noticing a declining number of visitors to your site, it could be because of content devaluation.

There are several reasons behind content devaluation. Here, we will point out those reasons and discuss how to prevent them to optimize your website’s SEO.

Poor User Experience

User Experience or UX refers to the end-user’s experience with a brand or its product. User Experience impacts a website’s SERP ranking greatly.

If a website doesn’t follow good quality UX design, its users won’t feel comfortable while visiting the site. Good quality UX design includes an easy and robust navigation system, easy layout or skeleton, clear visibility, and smooth functionality.

Website accessibilityBeing able to access a website easily and safely falls under the UX category. When a user fails to access a website or if clicking on the link takes him to some suspicious site, the website naturally loses its credibility.

Slow loading speedWe don’t like slow-loading pages and neither do search engine bots or crawlers. If a website takes more than the standard loading time to fully load, the site’s UX is considered poor. Furthermore, if a search engine crawler finds a site slow to load, the site naturally gets demoted in the SERP.

Non-reliable Information

Content is very much important for a website; but if the content is non-reliable, or false, the website will be rebuked by Google, most probably by being demoted to a lower-ranking position.

Sometimes website content contains false claims or claims without credited sources that can lead the site to demotion.


Clickbait headlines can easily draw the readers’ attention and attract them to click a link. However, if only the headline is catchy and attractive but the rest of the content isn’t, it’ll disappoint the readers and send them back to the previous page. As a result, the bounce rate of the website will increase, which is not good for website ranking.

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of website visitors that exit a webpage without taking any action. If your website’s bounce rate is higher, say the bounce rate is 70% -100%, then you should be concerned as it’s a major reason behind content devaluation.

So, while creating click-worthy headlines is great, you need to make sure that the rest of the content is great as well. You also have to ensure that the content harmonizes with the headline.

Vague content

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Content with little to no depth is one of the main reasons behind content devaluation.

You have to keep in mind that your reader would expect something valuable from your content. So, if you don’t provide them with something relevant, useful, and high-quality, then your content isn’t worth it. And search engine bots will detect those vague contents and will rank the site lower in the SERP.

Grammatical issues, and complicated sentence structure

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Your content might be informative and attractive, and yet, it will lose its value if your content has grammatical flaws or poor sentence structure.

Webmasters should always aim to create content with easy words and proper grammar. Because correct grammar and easy-to-understand words increase readability. On the other hand, poor grammar, misspellings, and complicated sentence structure decrease readability and devalues the content as well.

Duplicate content

Duplicate content refers to content that has a copy or multiple copies online. Content duplication can occur due to intentional plagiarism or unintentional plagiarism. However, if it occurs, plagiarized or duplicated content can become a major reason behind content devaluation.

Ranking a website can be complicated. But if SEO experts and webmasters can prevent the above-mentioned points, ranking a site can become a lot easier.

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