How Character Limit Impacts Writing | Free Character Counter

22 August 2020

By rewriteradmin

Free Character Counter

You will notice character limits whenever you go and write something on any of the social media platforms. It can be the username, content title, post, or anything, there is almost always a character limit. Ever thought why do they put this limitation? It is to direct our thought in a specific direction, so we don’t wander around and bat around the bush instead of saying the important thing. The same goes for academic writing, web content writing, etc. But counting every character manually can be very tedious and sometimes results in the wrong result. The Free Character Counter tool is an online assistant that counts both characters and words in mere seconds.

What is Character Counting?

Character counting is counting of the alphabet, digit, white spaces, and special characters. Unlike word counting, where only the words are counted, and white spaces and special characters are left alone, in character counting, everything is counted. Which makes it more difficult than word counting. But by using the Free Character Counter, you can easily find out how many characters your content holds and edit accordingly.

How Does The Free Character Counter Work?

The character counter is a single tool but gives the user the benefit of two different tools. It counts characters as well as words. As you give the input content, it quickly counts every character and words and gives a result where you can see both the word count and the character count. The Online Character Counter tool is fast and meticulous in counting both characters and words.

How Does Character Limitation Control Your Writing?

Given a chance, we will talk for hours about how we feel. Similarly, when we write, we write incessantly to express our feelings. This may soothe our mind, but doesn’t really improves our main reason to write. And that reason is to cut through the heart of the reader. If the reader doesn’t feel swayed and convinced with our writing, then what’s the point of writing in the first place? There is no reason, of course.

That’s why the character limit is important. It constantly reminds you to control your thoughts, by not letting the thoughts control you. It always keeps you focused so can think before putting your words down. Long posts and articles without any point tend to bore the readers. That’s why character limitation is important for any writer. You can check your characters and words with the Free Character Counter tool before publishing anything. It will make your writing more professional and concise.

The free word counter is the best word counter, which is one of the most important tools for SEO. Anything you post or publish, it must be to-the-point and as concise as possible. As an example, only the most interesting and sharp title draws the audience towards it. So, you have to think about how to create the best content in as few words as possible. Because only the best content makes a website successful. And to make your website, or your content successful, you need to be careful with character and word limits. For which, you should use the best Free Character Counter tool available online.