How To Do Research | A Step-by-Step Guide for Writing A Research Paper

10 November 2022

By rewriteradmin

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Writing research papers might sound like a daunting task, especially for beginners. This post aims to help students, and professional researchers alike with researching with the step-by-step research paper writing guide below –

Research Paper Writing Guide

Table of Contents


Select a topic

Selecting a topic is the most fundamental and crucial step of research writing. Research papers are supposed to be well-found, well-analyzed, well-written, and properly cited. So, as a first step, if you don’t have a solid topic, you can’t make an efficient research paper.

Topic selection for research papers can be done in two different ways –

Either your professors select a topic for you, or you can select them by yourself.

Both cases have their own pros and cons.

Such as, if your professors select a topic for you, then you don’t have to go through the internet in search of a topic. In this case, you don’t have the liberty to select a topic by yourself.

And if your professors let you select a topic, then you have the freedom but you also have to spend time and energy to find a good topic.

How to select a topic

There are many options from where you can find a topic you are comfortable with, the internet being the number one source. Online, you can find thousands of research paper topic ideas to choose from.

Additionally, there are libraries, people, and even your surroundings from where you can get ideas for your research topic.

What to consider before selecting a topic:

  • Select a topic depending on how many pages you have to write. The depth and extent of the topic should depend on the length of your research paper.
  • Don’t select a lengthy topic if you don’t have enough time. Instead, smartly select a topic that you can finish before the deadline ends.
  • Consider your topic depending on whether citation (from books, online references, etc.) is required or not.

Locate and gather resources

Once you have found a good topic for your research, about 50% of your work is done. And now it’s time to find and organize resources and information about the selected topic.

To show your topic’s worth, you must find valid and relevant information in favor of your topic.

You can find the information for your selected topic in the encyclopedia, Wikipedia, books, videos, images, websites, etc.

Tips for finding resources

  • Don’t rely on only one source. The more resources that back up your topic, the better it is for your research credibility. Find multiple resources from online, books, etc. to write your paper.
  • Take notes. Notes can help you write down the information you just got from the resources.
  • Depending on how much you’ve got to prepare the paper, get into deep with each reference you are working with.

Analyze your findings

Good researchers never rely on their findings without valid proof.

So you better evaluate your resources properly before putting the information on your paper.

  • Find when the resource information was published and evaluate whether the findings are relevant to your topic or not.
  • Find the accuracy, authority, and purpose of the resource information.
  • Organize the resources in primary and secondary orders depending on their importance and accuracy.

Write, and organize your presentation

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You have all the information you need for your research paper. Now you have to organize the findings and present your arguments.

For writing research papers, you don’t have to follow any strict writing style since every writer has their own unique style to express their ideas.

However, keep your tone gentle and formal while writing for research papers. And prioritize logic rather than emotions since you are making an argument here.

Use precise, and appropriate words for your paper. Words and the tone of your writing matter greatly. Use a rewriter tool to improve your content or write it in a slightly different way.


Cite your sources

One of the most important parts of writing a research paper is citing the findings in your research paper.

There are mainly three formats of writing citations including APA, MLA, and Chicago style. Check in with your professors to confirm the citation format required for your paper before deciding on a citation style.

There are online citation generator software that will let you easily generate citations; use one of those tools to conveniently generate your citations.


Read and edit

You don’t want to send your draft copy to your professors as your final research paper. Because first drafts are, well, just drafts. You use them to create your final documentation, they are not final document material.

So, read carefully your writing several times, check spelling and grammar, and edit as needed before submitting your research paper.


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