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Choose a topic that interests you enough to focus on it for at least a week or two

Hello writers, you are creative giving the chance to the readers knowing and learning different topics with help of your pen skills. You know, you can but if follow some universal rules or guidelines on creating your mind theme through writings; it will be amazing, readers friendly as well as full of materials.

Sometimes you can start from the sketch, or sometimes have hurry to complete your assignment but no way to compromise with quality, solution effective rewriter tools.

Lets follow , hope you like it.

  1. Topic is the seed: Good Seed always provide the healthy sapling. So a topic should be get chosen according to your interest. You have to keep enough knowledge that you are presenting on your article. Before starting to write, make some points on the basis of description that would be enough for telling the fact partially. You can write down the point in a slip and keep it aside for a little while.
  2. “Viewer’s needs and interest” should be in mind: While writing, Maintain it in your head that whom are you writing for. Keeping that in concern, you can use quotation by well-known person, definition, anecdotes and more relevant things.For this, you better have a collection in previous.
  3. Simplicity conquers: Just remember simplicity is the best way to keep everything good. Never broad your topic rather keep it narrow and informative. Follow simplicity and you will be fine. That’s why having a good knowledge on writing topic is necessary. The better you will know the better you can done things in an easier way.

4.A picture is worth a thousand words: Images that are suitable for attaching will help making your article more perfect and more approachable to a reader.

5.Meaningful content rich you: The presence of meaningless content minimize the interest for reading ahead except you are famous as hell anybody is going to cling on to each and every word you write, even if you are act like an idiot. Use your sense of humor which relevant to the topic.

  1. Underline key points: Spot important parts and keywords by doing Bold, Italic underline or coloring font.
  2. Read, Rethink and Finish ’D: While reading notice that

*Are the word written properly what you wised to write?

*Does your word relevant to the subject you have chosen?

*Are they logical?

*Did you warn readers of probabledelusion?

Well, after getting the answer by yourself rethink about adding or excluding where needed and read again. After that, if you’re writing reach to your expectation, you can say bye to it now.

Now the point is plagiarism, you have written something special but don’t know – is it plagiarized if so the total effort can go to the astray, so check it using some superb plagiarism checker tool.

You may face some unwanted state on checking your writings, no worry just copy the plagiarized content and paste to your paraphrasing tool , that will suggest you in different ways to avoid all the unwanted situation.

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Happy writings, cheers.





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