A Guide to Transforming Yourself into A Professional Content Writer

21 August 2022

By rewriteradmin

Content Writing

From an amateur to a professional – the journey of becoming a pro content writer is not so easy if you don’t follow a proper guide to content writing.  

However, if you have followed our beginner’s guide to content writing and now trying to improve your writing skills to become a master of content writing, then this is the perfect article for you. It is a step-by-step guide on how to transform yourself into a professional content writer.

Find your own style

We sometimes channel our favorite writers and try to copy their tone and writing style. While there is no harm in that, if you are going to stand out as a professional content writer, you must find a writing style of your own.

Sounds tough?

Well, don’t be afraid. You don’t have to design a style or anything, with time, you can find your distinct writing voice automatically. And when you find that voice, you just have to polish it to perfection.

Find your niche

Technical writing, promotional writing, literature content, social media content – with all these types of content out there, it might look tempting to write for different purposes.

While it is good to take a bite from every type of content, it’s best to carefully choose what you want to write about.

Do you know what a great professional content writer would do in this situation? They would first grasp the different types of content and decide on one or two categories that they would want to master.

And when it comes to content writing, being best at one category is way better than being average in several categories.

So, after you have recognized yourself as a content writer, find a niche for yourself as soon as possible to call yourself an expert content writer.

Research, research, research

Content research

We cannot put enough emphasis on research when it comes to writing – especially content writing.

You might get away with little to no research when you are writing fiction, but when it comes to non-fiction, you have to show some facts. That means you have to scour through as many sources as you can find to get information for your content.

Remember, if your content lacks depth, or if you think that you can get away with surface-level information in your content, you are going to badly disappoint your readers.

Because an expert content writer will never compromise their content with surface-level knowledge. And if you want to keep your readers’ attention to your content, you must deliver some solid information.

This can be applied to beginner-level content writers as well, if you want to satisfy your audience, you have to research well.

Audience research

Audience research refers to understanding who you are writing for. Will your readers understand your content? Will your content help or entertain them? Will your readers feel inspired and come back to your content again?

The answers to these questions depend on the type of your audience. If you can target the right audience and write content for them exclusively, you will be comparatively more successful.

Quality over quantity

You will find many blogs and articles online that are just subpar. Why? It’s because the writer got lazy and didn’t feel like creating a masterpiece and instead did what they could to reach the word limit.

Remember, word limit does matter. In fact, it is one of the important aspects of content writing, especially in terms of SEO. But it’s not all that matters. You have to first bring quality to your content, then you can worry about quantity.

There are so many contents that are thousands of words lengthy but don’t impact us in any way. Then there are some contents that send strong messages with only a few words.

So, define yourself as a professional content writer by creating powerful and high-quality content instead of creating mediocre content.

Use concise words

The secret to effectively influencing and inspiring your audience is to be direct. If you want your readers to just read your content for fun, then you can spin stories pages after pages with no call to action. But if you want your readers to become influenced by your content, you have to be as direct as possible.

And nothing inspires us as much as active, call-to-action words do.

That doesn’t mean you have to be rudely blunt in your content. You can successfully persuade your readers if you can strike the right balance between being concise and polite.

Know your SEO

In this age in which search engines determine the power of content, you can’t skip your SEO classes if you are aiming for becoming a professional content creator.

SEO is important for content writing, especially in terms of getting ranked on the SERP, and targeting the audience.

It doesn’t mean that you have to be an SEO expert to become a pro at content writing, but if you have good knowledge of digital marketing, you can create more successful content without much hardship.

Don’t forget your grammar

How do you differentiate a professional content writer from a beginner?

Well, there are many factors that set apart a master content writer from a novice. But most of the time, it’s the grammar that makes all the difference.

Readers will feel annoyed when they find grammatical mistakes or spelling errors in content, and they will easily take you as an inexperienced writer.

On the other hand, well-crafted content without any grammatical errors will quickly earn you respect from your audience.

Of course, it will take lots of time and energy if you want to proofread your content with 100% accuracy.

But when you are a professional, you would rather want to focus on creating new ideas for your writing instead of worrying about grammar and such.

So, you can either hire a professional editor or use online grammar checker tools to help you fix your grammar and spelling mistakes within a short time.

Be creative

Being creative in content writing means bringing new ideas, and different perspectives to one’s writing. If you don’t want to bore your audience with the same old pattern and same tone, you better keep your content interesting and creative.

Create your content from a different point of view, question your readers, and let your personal opinion known where it’s needed.

Keep polishing your writing

The secret to mastering anything is to practice it over and over again. At one point in content writing, you might realize that you have grown into an expert writer.

However, you can lose all that expertise if you don’t keep practicing. Professional content writers are always writing, and that’s what keeps them best at their job.

Find a job

Speaking of jobs, there are many jobs available for interested content writers.

The content writing sector offers pretty enviable offers right now. So, if you are set to create a career as a professional content writer, you should start searching for a job immediately, even if it’s an entry-level position. After all, why not get paid for what you are good at, right?

Or, if you are not willing to do a 9 to 5 job, you can find yourself freelancing jobs and work at your own pace.

Polish your resume

After acquiring all these skills above, now it’s time to polish your resume and stand out as a professional content writer.

Format your resume properly to highlight your most recent skills, and enhance your strong aspects.

Add your new skills to your resume and show your hiring company or clients what you can bring to the table.  Make sure to keep your resume neat and clean so that it appeals to your prospective clients.

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