Why Students Should Use ChatGPT Carefully | Pros and Cons of AI

16 May 2023

By rewriteradmin

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Many students might be thinking that they have won the lottery with ChatGPT. For research, assignments, essay writing, or any creative writing, they just have to ask the AI and get what they need within seconds. But is it really that simple?

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Here’s why students should be careful while using ChatGPT:

Confidently provides inaccurate information

One thing students should keep in mind while using ChatGPT is that it may provide inaccurate information within the answers. Students who don’t have any idea about the subject or do not cross-check with other resources might fall victim to ChatGPT’s confidence. Moreover, it can provide misleading information or instructions which can cause harm if applied practically. Blindly following the AI can do more harm than good, so it’s best to ensure that the information provided by ChatGPT is indeed, correct.

Lack of personalized guidance

Students cannot rely on ChatGPT for personalized guidance because the AI cannot provide tailored instructions or guidance based on a student’s personal learning style. Nor does it provide the emotional support or motivation that a student might need. Rather, ChatGPT can only provide generalized instructions. Students can’t learn in a personalized way with it.

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Limited expertise in the subject

ChatGPT is a general-purpose language model that can provide surface-level information on almost any subject. But when it comes to deep learning, or researching, it might not be enough because it lacks the depth of knowledge. ChatGPT doesn’t have access to everything online, which makes it incapable of providing specific information that a student might need for his/her research or assignment.

Overreliance on technology

Overreliance on ChatGPT or any technology for that matter, is more harmful than good. AI tools cannot provide what human interaction and collaboration can. Human brains can come up with new ideas instantly and can solve problems in unique ways that AI tools are incapable of. Dependency on ChatGPT can also dull the brain and kill a student’s creativity.

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ChatGPT provides responses based on the text and learnings of its training data. That means the response it provides can include text from its training sources. So, if students copy/paste ChatGPT’s responses to their assignments without proper citation, it might result in plagiarism. Thus, students are advised to write in their own ways rather than copy/paste text from ChatGPT. Also, it’s important properly analyze the information provided by ChatGPT before using it in the assignment.

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That being said, ChatGPT indeed, has some merits too. Let’s have a look –

Instant research solution


“Chatgpt” Instant research solution

Students can learn about almost anything with the help of ChatGPT. The AI tool provides input-based responses. So, students can ask questions, explanations, solutions, and so on, and get an instant response which can help them in their research work.

Writing assistance

ChatGPT is great writing assistance to students. Students often struggle when it comes to creative writing. ChatGPT can help student polish their writing to make it look more presentable. It can also assist them by providing important inputs that can help students complete their essays and research more efficiently.

How to avoid plagiarism and create unique essays

We have already discussed that ChatGPT isn’t reliable when it comes to providing original content. However, avoiding plagiarism and creating unique content is possible with an online article rewriter tool. An article rewriter tool can rephrase text and provide context-based results. Additionally, students can avoid plagiarism by rephrasing ChatGPT’s text with the paraphrasing tool.
In the end, balance is what matters the most. Whether it is academic writing or creative writing, students can get the best result from ChatGPT and online writing tools if they can strike the right balance.