Online Paraphrasing Tool in Digital Content Writing

3 April 2023

By rewriteradmin

Rewriter Tools

If you have been around the internet for a while, or know a thing or two about digital content writing, then you’re most probably familiar with the term “online paraphrasing tool”.
Online paraphrasing tool refers to software that literally rephrases or restates your text without losing any of the important bits. Some of the best online paraphrasing software are RewriterTools, Quillbot, and ParaphraseApp.
How do these tools influence digital writing? Let’s answer that –

Online paraphrasing tool for digital content writing

Digital content writing refers to text that we write for online platforms. It could be either social media or any blogging website. While often we create digital text content to express our personal opinion, or just for fun, every day tons of digital content is being written for marketing purposes as well.

How Does The English Paraphrasing Tool Help You Write Better
This type of digital text content needs your constant attention. That means, you can’t just post one article and then do nothing. Since these contents will act as a part of your marketing campaign, you have to create content on a regular basis.

Uniqueness and plagiarism

The biggest rule of digital content writing is that each piece of content must be unique in terms of words and sentence formation. In other words, you can’t copy/paste someone else’s or your own content to create new content. Well, technically you can. But it won’t be of much use if you are creating content to improve your SEO.
Copy/pasting text to create new content is known as plagiarism. And since search engines can detect plagiarism, plagiarized content won’t be of much value in terms of SEO.

Solution to plagiarism in digital content writing

If you want to stand out from the rest and make your website rank higher through your content, you have to provide informative and unique content. Sadly, it takes lots of motivation and brainstorming to create high-quality, unique content. And that is not always possible, especially, when you have the same things to say again and again.
So, the best way to avoid being a content thief is to rephrase your content, i.e. using an online paraphrasing tool.

What Is Content Optimization And How To Optimize Your Content
While you can restate your old content to create new content, it will still take lots of time and effort. And that’s what you are trying to avoid. However, an online paraphrasing tool can do the job within a few seconds given the input. Moreover, a highly-featured paraphrasing software will also suggest synonyms and allow you to use different paraphrasing modes as well.

What to remember while using an online paraphrasing tool

While rewriting software has already made digital content writing a lot easier, and writers are getting the benefits of using these, you should remember a few things.
Firstly, we must remember that tools are only tools. While they are trained to generate unique content, tools can make mistakes. It’s your responsibility to at least check the content before publishing it somewhere. We often see examples of poor paraphrasing online where the content sounds awkward and badly paraphrased.
Secondly, never skip editing. Whether you are writing from the scratch or recycling a text with a paraphrase app, you must edit before you send it online. Flawless content is a sign of professionalism, and accuracy – both of which help your content perform better.